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Real Intercession

I realized that one time when some relatives of mine were robbed. I was praying about the situation and puzzling over it. "LORD," I began to ask, "Why did YOU let that happen? Why didn't YOU just knock that thief over the head when he tried to do that?"

Suddenly, GOD enabled me to back up from that situation and look at it with spiritual eyes, instead of just natural eyes. When I did that, I knew the answer to my question almost as quickly as I had asked it. It was because of HIS mercy. GOD has great, great mercy. Not just for me and my family, but for others as well.

Think about that next time someone does you wrong.

Instead of asking GOD to knock that person in the head, like I did, consider the fact that--as ornery as he may be--he may well have a mother or a grandmother somewhere who's praying for him to be saved.<

Stop and remember that GOD loved him enough to die for him, that HE is longing to pardon--not punish him. Then you can begin to pray for him instead of against him, uniting yourself in prayer with his love ones who are praying.

You can go to the LORD for mercy for him and you can go up against the devil on his behalf. That's real intercession and it throws the forces of darkness into total confusion. This is an example of what JESUS was referring to when teaching to turn the other cheek. The forces of hell have absolutely no defense against it. The LORD is looking for people who are bold enough, committed enough to do that. Dare to be one of them. When you're tempted to clobber somebody, dare to change his life instead. The gift of salvation.

Scripture Study  Luke 6 27-36


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