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The Power of the Tither

GOD is vitally interested in your finances. He wants to multiply and protect them. But HE won’t be able to—unless you open the door for HIM to do it.

How? Through Tithing.

When you tithe, you give GOD the legal right to intervene in your financial affairs, to bless you richly, and to defend you against the destruction the devil brings. When you tithe, you lay a foundation for success and abundance. You establish deposits with GOD you can draw on when you need them.

But don’t wait until your back is against the wall to start. Begin now. Start developing your Faith when things are going well by meditating on the blessings GOD’s Word promises you as a Tither. Learn to act on that Word now, and when Satan tries to put you in a financial corner he will fail.

His power over you financially will have already been broken. Because you’ve established yourself on the covenant of GOD, satan will have no chance against you. GOD will rebuke him for your sake.

If you haven’t yet opened the door and given GOD a way in to your finances, don’t wait any longer. Do it today. Then, when the pressures of tomorrow come, you will be prepared and protected by the special privileges that are guaranteed to those who tithe.

Scripture Study:  Hebrews 7:1-9


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